Cape Town (and other areas around SA) are in the grips of a drought due to various reasons. This group can be for those who are passionate about the cause of saving water and being more sensible about our long term use of water. Gone are the days where we leave our hoses on for hours as we water our lush green lawns. Water conservation is the new norm.

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    Water Saving Tip #1

    For those who have a hot plus a cold tap in your shower and want to turn the water off while you soap and wash, I find that I end up wasting water trying to get the right temperature again. It would be lovely to have one of those mixers with 1 handle for off and on.
    I found this at Builders Warehouse for R65. I unscrewed the shower head, attached the stopcock and then screwed the shower head into the other side of the valve. Now I can turn the water off and back on in one motion. I am back to 10 minute showers, just that the water only runs for 2 minutes max :-)
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